Manage your total fuel costs with real-time information and easy to use software.

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  • Consolidate fuel purchases from CFN, Voyager, Pacific Pride, Proprietary Networks and Private Sites into a single fuel vendor and single data interface
  • Maintain driver and vehicle accountability when carrying multiple cards
  • Get fuel management reporting at the department level with master invoice at corporate level

And more…

Access your fully functional, advanced Web Portal:

  • View transactions by day, month, year, and by department, driver, and vehicle
  • Retrieve transactions in Excel format by the same criteria. View and/or reprint invoices
  • View and/or reprint invoices
  • View and/or print card lists by status (valid/invalid)
  • Ability to invalidate cards
  • Ability to order new cards same day delivery available
  • Ability to check prices based on network and sites within network
  • Get electronic data feeds capable of interfacing with any Fleet Maintenance/Telematics system