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Start saving time and money before your drivers even hit the road. Check out this map that shows all of the CFN and Pacific Pride locations in the Pacific Northwest region.


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  • Are You Following The Rules Set By The FMCSA? You Really Should Be

    Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) charged a Florida trucking company for violating multiple critical safety regulations. The fleet of 33 truck-tractors was “declared an imminent hazard to public safety” and immediately shut down. As fleet owners, running a successful business is not based on operations and finances alone. It is also based on the law. If compliance has taken a back seat in your day-to-day grind, it may be time to look in your rear-view mirror....

  • Ten Must-Have Tools for Your Truck and Driver

    A fleet owner’s business is all about performance. Having the right people, processes, and equipment in place is key to a successful operation. So are tools. In today’s industry, truck drivers need both traditional tools and electronic devices to stay competitive and efficient. So how can fleet owners better equip their drivers to do their jobs most effectively? Whether it’s a short or long haul run, a driver prepared with his own toolbox helps to sustain optimum operating conditions, stay...

  • Best Practices to Hire The Best Truck Drivers

    Running a successful business is one thing. Finding competent and committed employees to promote that endeavour is another. The American Trucking Association reported that the average truck driver turnover in 2013 was 96 per cent for larger fleets and 82 per cent for smaller fleets. With reasons beyond an employer’s control—declining talent pool, economic growth increasing industry demand and competition from other sectors—how do you find and recruit the best truck drivers? Consider thes...

  • The Road To Fitness – Health & Safety Tips for the Highway Life

    Life on the road is not easy. You’re away from family, there are deadlines to meet, unknown territories to navigate and weather to overcome. It’s important to look after yourself as well as you would your vehicle. Mental and physical alertness are critical when you get behind the wheel, and there are a number of factors that contribute to both. Driver’s Diet Fast food restaurants and travelling seem to go hand in hand, but where you choose to stop can make all the difference. A grocery...

  • Are Your Fleet Fuel Dollars Going the Distance?

    Fuel efficiency isn’t new, but as fuel prices fluctuate and technology changes, there is some comfort in knowing you’re doing everything possible to maximize your fleet fuel dollars. Refreshers help to keep your staff and drivers on board with best practices, too. So, are you getting the best fuel efficiency? Here’s a checklist to help you find out. Driving Habits Operator techniques will have the biggest impact on fuel mileage. A driver with the poorest efficiency will consume about 30...

  • Find Space For A Fleet Card

    What’s in your wallet? If it’s anything like most others, there is probably more plastic than paper or coin. From identification and access to payment and points, plastic cards inundate our lives. They can create administrative chaos and the last thing you need is another one.Or is it?A fleet card could be one of the most valuable cards you’ll carry. As a fleet owner, managing a budget and tracking data and expenses, such as fuel, are critical to running a successful business. With control...

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With AmeriFuel you have 24/7 access anywhere via the Internet to your fleet card, reporting, management and tracking.

AmeriFuel provides you access to a nationwide network of high speed, high control commercial fueling facilities. By offering the highest level of transaction control and activity analysis, employees quickly learn that our system can’t be cheated.

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